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About Kanayannur

Kanayannur is the taluk in Ernakulam district located in the vicinity of Kochi. The location of Kanayannur is quite significant as its placement is just near Kochi city. It also serves as satellite town for people working in Kochi but can’t afford to reside in that metro city. It is located nearly 18 km from the district capital and 200 kilometers from the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram.

Administration of Kanayannur

Administration of Kanayannur

Kanayannur is a taluk in the district of Ernakulam. It looks after the villages and blocks that come under the jurisdiction of Kanayannur. The local municipality office is solely responsible for basic facilities of Kanayannur city. Street light, sanitation, water supply and sewerage are totally carried out by this municipal council.

Business and Economy of Kanayannur

Kanayannur is one of the developing towns of Kerala growing under the shadow of metro city, Kochi. The city of Kochi is so spread out that it is difficult to distinguish border of these towns. The economy of Kanayannur depends upon the industrial revolution rendering around the city. It is framed as an upcoming urban city that is facilitated with good infrastructure, excellent network, soaring building, corporate offices, and industrial zone. Many auspicious projects such as Infopark are coming up at Kanayannur which will change the fortune of this town. High rising buildings are already built here.

History of Kanayannur

Kanayannur was the part of Kochi for a long time. Though, this region was under the rule of kingdom of Cochin, but still it was under Portuguese due to some collaboration and treaties between them. Portuguese had dominance in this region from 1503 to 1663. Here after, this region was headed by Dutch for the period of 100 years. The kingdom of Mysore came into power after the rule of Dutch came into decline. British ruled this region during 1814 to 1947 till India got independence.

Geography of Kanayannur

Kanayannur is geographically situated at the elevation of 11 meters from sea level. It is quite nearer to Arabian Sea due to which it faces high humidity throughout the year. It is fringed in the green ambiance and surrounded by Kochi, Aroor, Cherthala, and Vaikom cities. This taluk falls on the border of Ernakulam district.

Climate of Kanayannur

Summer, monsoon and winter are three major seasons of Kanayannur. It faces sub-tropical monsoon climate which delivers extended showers in this region. Pre-monsoon period starts in April and lasts till May. Normal monsoon brought by south-western winds is followed by pre-monsoon and begins in the first week of June every year. North east wind is responsible for post monsoon showers in this region during October and November. The average high temperature in summer is 33 degrees and average low temperature in winter is 16 degrees in this region. Highest rainfall occurs during June while January has sparse rainfall in this region.

Banking and Finance of Kanayannur

Kanayannur is blessed with few financial institutes and bank branches that offer unmatched services in this region. In this series, Kanayannur Co Operative bank is prominent financial institution in this city. They provide support to agriculture sector and people engaged in farming. Additional financial institutions and bank branches found in this region are Axis Bank, Kanayannur Service Sahakarana Bank, Muthoot Finance, Bank of India, Kerala Gramin Bank, etc. Other big banks have their ATMs in Kanayannur for providing teller facility in this town.

Banks in Kanayannur

Kanayannur Co Operative Bank
Address: Neval Arcade, 22/1, Door No. 43/1972,
Cewrnakulam Village, Kanayannoor Taluk,
Ernakulam, Kerala 682012
Phone No: 1800 103 5577

Kannayanur Service Sahakarana Bank
Address: Chottanikkara Mulanthuruthy Rd, Eruveli,
Chottanikkara, Kanayannur, Ernakulam, Kerala 682312
Phone No: 0484 271 1056

Kanayannur Co-Operative Bank
Address: Eruveli, Kanayannur, Kerala 682312

Address: Bypass Road, Tharakandam Complex,
Chottanikkara Mulanthuruthy Rd, Chottanikkara,
Thrippunithura, Kanayannur, Kerala 682312
Phone No: 1800 103 0123

Vijaya Bank ATM
Address: Near Temple, Chottanikkara Vandippetta Rd,
Chottanikkara, Kanayannur, Kerala 682312
Phone No: 1800 425 5885

Bank of India ATM
Address: Near FCI OEN India Ltd., Thiruvaniyoor,
Kanayannur, Kerala

South Indian Bank ATM
Address: Chottanikkara Mulanthuruthy Rd, Eruveli,
Chottanikkara, Kanayannur, Kerala 682312
Phone No: 1800 843 1800

Federal Bank ATM
Address: Near Bypass Road, Near Chottanikkara
Temple, Chottanikkara, Vandippetta Rd,
Thrippunithura, Kanayannur, Kerala 682312
Phone No: 1800 425 1199

Canara Bank ATM
Address: Near Temple, Bye Pass Road, Chottanikkara
Junction, Chottanikkara Vandippetta Rd, Kanayannur,
Thrippunithura, Ernakulam, Kerala 682312
Phone No: 1800 425 0018

Indian Bank
Beside Main Road, Tripunithura, Eroor, Kanayannur, Kerala 682 306

Healthcare Facility in Kanayannur

Kanayannur is a taluk in Ernakulam district and people from remote villages arrive in this area for elevated healthcare services. Kanayannur is facilitated with Ayurvedic hospital, MMC hospital, Government hospital, along with few nursing homes and private clinics. The metro city of Kochi is situated in the vicinity of Kanayannur and serves as prime hub for medical health care. All critical and hazardous diseases can be cured easily at this place. Apart, the city of Kanayannur is also accomplished with Ambulance service, Chemists, and Pathology labs for medical service.

MMC Hospital
Address: Chottanikkara Mulanthuruthy Road,
Pallithazhu, Mulanthuruthy, Kanayannur,
Kerala 682314

Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital
Address: Puthiyakavu, Thrippunithura, Ernakulam,
Kerala 682301

Sir Dorabji Tata Trust Aided Hospital
Address: Chottanikkara Mulanthuruthy Rd,
Chottanikkara, Kanayannur, Kerala 682312
Phone: 0484 271 1054

A P Varkey Mission Hospital
Address: Thottapady, Arakkunnam,
Kanayannur, Kerala 682313
Phone No: 0484 274 8555

Varsha Nursing Home
Address: Railway Station Road, Karottakiriz,
Mulanthuruthy, Kerala 682314
Phone: 0484 274 0392

Food in Kanayannur

Along with upcoming development, Kanayannur is witnessing high growth in hospitality industry as well. In that, restaurants play an important part to cater best quality food to the visitors. Restaurants located on Chottanikkara Mulanthuruthy Road and Mulanthuruthy Piravom Road are serving excellent food to travelers coming around. They offer contemporary, conventional and customized cuisines that match the taste of international standards. Bakery items, café and tea restaurants are also catering in this region.

K R Bakes
Address: Chottanikkara, Thrippunithura
Kanayannur, Kerala

Mini Restaurant
Address: Mulanthuruthy, Kerala 682314

Babys Restaurant
Address: Chottanikkara Mulathuruthy Road,
Kanayannur, Kerala 682314

Aroma Restaurant
Address: Chottanikkara Mulanthuruthy
Rd, Kanayannur, Kerala 682314

New Sivasakhti Fast Food
Address: Chottanikkara Mulanthuruthy Rd,
Eruveli, Chottanikkara, Kanayannur,
Kerala 682312
Phone No: 099476 08749

Address: Chottanikkara Mulanthuruthy Rd,
Chottanikkara, Kanayannur, Kerala 682312

Tourism in Kanayannur

Kanayannur is packed with natural sights and wonderful locations around the city. Back waters, natural sightseeing, and breathtaking views of surrounding are key attractions of Kanayannur. People enjoy the tranquility and peace prevailing in this town. Religious places such as church, temples are also found in this area. It is accomplished with all features that complete the city for tourism.

Accommodations in Kanayannur

Kanayannur provides cheap and budget accommodations for tourists and travelers around the city. Usually, tourist homes are offered in this area that is really affordable for long holidays in this region. People arriving for long period would certainly occupy these home stays which offer little luxury and lots of comfort. 

Panadans Tourist Home
Address: NH 47, Kanayannur, Kerala

Vishaaga Tourist Home
Address: Civil Lane Road, Kanayannur
Phone No: 0484 6465520

Indraprastha Tourist Home
Address: Chottanikkara Vandippetta Road, Chottanikkara
Junction, Kanayannur, Kerala 682312

How to Reach Kanayannur

Kanayannur by Air

Cochin International Airport is located at the distance of 43 km from Kanayannur. It offers connectivity to all major cities of India as well as few from abroad. The distance from airport can be covered by private vehicle or cabs available there.

Kanayannur by Train

Mulanthuruthy Railway station is the nearest rail head for Kanayannur. Though, it is not a big junction, but few express and MEMU trains halt at this station. Otherwise, Ernakulam is the major railway junction located at the distance of 10 approximate kilometers is best point for arrival from any part of India.

Kanayannur by Road

Kanayannur is well connected through dense road network placed in this part of Kerala. Kochi is the nearest city that provides good connectivity from rest of India. Kerala state Road Transport Corporation has deployed buses between Kanayannur and other important city to provide transport facility for passengers. Private buses and taxi operators are also active in this part for travelers.

Postal and Courier Services in Kanayannur

Kanayannur is found with Sub Post Office which is responsible for providing postal services in this region. There are also branch offices of postal department placed under this sub post office. Few numbers of courier offices also originate at this place.

Arakunnam Sub Post Office

Veliyanad Branch Post Office

Thirumarayoor Branch Post Office

Kaipatoor Branch Post Office

Edakkattuvayal Branch Office

The Professional Couriers
Address: Sramdikal Palathatta Building,
Pallithazam, Mulanthuruthy,
Kanayannur, Kerala 682314
Phone No: 0484 274 0076

Telecommunication in Kanayannur

Kanayannur is blessed with excellent network of BSNL landline. Apart from that, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and Reliance are also providing wireless connection to the people of Kanayannur. People roaming in this region are connected to rest of world with uninterrupted communication facilities available in this city.

Demographics of Kanayannur

  • State: Kerala
  • District: Ernakulam
  • Population: 790212
  • Official Language: English, Malayalam
  • Vehicle Registration: KL 07, KL 39

  • E-mail

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